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micro:bit broadcast Issue #33

Hi everyone,

For the past year and a half I've had so much fun finding and sharing all the cool stuff the awesome micro:bit community has made, but everything comes to an end. This will be the penultimate micro:bit broadcast, and one last issue will be released some time next week. Thank you all for reading and sending stuff, there wouldn’t be a micro:bit broadcast without you.

But hey! If you'd like to keep up to date with the micro:bit world you can also subscribe to the official Micro:bit Educational Foundation newsletter, you can find me on twitter where I'll keep sharing stuff, and I will still maintain the Awesome micro:bit list, so there are still plenty of ways to find micro:bit stuff :)



Trashbots: Low-cost STEM with an artistic twist
Transformative approach to teach problem-solving and creativity skills to students across the globe!
New product: Hummingbird micro:bit Adapter
Allows your Hummingbird to work with the micro:bit. Simply plug it into the back of the Hummingbird, write programs in the block-based MakeCode environment, and download them onto the micro:bit.
New Product: :GAME ZIP 64
The :GAME ZIP 64 is the ultimate retro handheld gaming platform for the micro:bit. It's got everything; a screen, programmable buttons, haptic feedback and more.
New Product: scroll:bit
A little display with a lot of pixels! Its 119 bright white LEDs are perfect for scrolling messages with your micro:bit, or for animations, graphs, and more!
New Product: Ring:bit Car
A DIY Educational Smart Robot Kit for Kids.
New Product: BBC micro:bit Prototype Expansion Board
This expansion board provides a fantastic way of learning how to construct and control electronic circuits with BBC micro:bit.
New Product: Skill badge, iron-on patch
This is the "micro:bit" badge for use with educators, classrooms, workshops, Maker Faires, TechShops, Hackerspaces, Makerspaces and around the world to reward beginners on their skill building journey.
New Product: Joystick:bit for micro:bit
A fun micro:bit extension module. It contains a 4-direction joystick and 6 undefined buttons. Once we plug micro:bit board into the center connector slot on the board, it becomes a free defined programmable game joystick.
New Product: Power:bit For micro:bit
A micro:bit extension board with minimum size. It is powered by two 2025/2032 button batteries and carries a buzzer on the board.
New Product: SunFounder Humanoid Robot
sloth:bit is a programmable biped robot powered by BBC micro:bit.
New Product: micro:bit click adapter
Designed to be eye-catching for your kids (or the kid inside you.) With two mikroBUS™ sockets in each hand this awesome gadget will make sure you learn and have fun.
New Product: k8 Robotics Kit
Meet k8, your modular robotics kit for learning Computational Thinking.
New Product: pin:bit
Breaks out all of the useful pins from your micro:bit into breadboard format while providing handy-dandy labels to make your builds go smoothly.
New Product micro:Gamepad
An expansion gamepad based on micro:bit. You only need to plug in the micro:bit, it will turn into a wireless remote controller or a wireless game console.


Free your radio functionality on the micro:bit
If you have two micro:bits sitting around, grab them and join me in this post to take a closer look at how to set up the radio for communication and how to send data from one micro:bit to another. Ready? Good! Here we go.
Plotting live microbit sensor data in Mu
A new feature (currently in beta versions of Mu 1.0) allows live plotting of numerical data printed to the REPL (command line) by Python code on the micro:bit.
How to Create a Temperature Gauge
By the end of this article, you will be able to make your own simple temperature gauge with your micro:bit.
micro:bit neural network
Part two of a set of post. In the previous post a single neuron was produced, this one looks at producing a network of neurons, ie. neural network; looking to solve the problem that a single neuron can't solve, making an Exclusive OR gate (XOR).
Measure Pressure With Your Micro:bit
An easy to build and inexpensive device to perform pressure measurements and demonstrate Boyle's law, using the micro:bit in combination with the BMP280 pressure/temperature sensor.
The Five Minute micro:bit Guide
The five minute micro:bit guide is for you if you can answer yes to the following two questions. Firstly, do you have at least five minutes to learn something new? Second, do you want to learn how to use a micro:bit?


Desk Light Ornament and Door Light Sign
This tutorial will show you how to program and build a desk ornament that lights up and changes colors over the course of an hour. You'll also learn how to program and build an accompanying door sign that lights up. You can use the door sign as decoration or as a way to let others know you are on the phone or busy :)
8x8x8 Cube
I saw a cube on Twitter a while ago and just fell in love and wanted to make my own. I was also inspired by Leeds Hackspace’s cube. Then I found Hari Waguna on YouTube. Hari was building an 8x8x8 RGB LED cube controlled by an arduino but in a really cool way that I’ve decided to copy.
micro:bit Slither
Multiplayer snake game. Controlled via Bluetooth on micro:bits, and hosted on an Android device.
Using an MCP9808 digital temperature sensor with the BBC micro:bit
I wanted to use a more accurate, digital temperature sensor and found the Microchip MCP9808, which has a typical accuracy ±0.25°C from -40°C to +125°C.

Software, Libraries and Tools

Simplifies communication with a micro:bit over serial using Python.
micro:bit Tetris
An implementation of Tetris running on the BBC micro:bit.
New MakeCode Packages from microbit-makecode-packages
  • i2cLCD1602: LCD screen
  • APDS9930: Digital Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor
  • BME280: Digital Pressure and Humidity Sensor


Cute micro:bit Coloring Page
During a micro:bit training with fellow digital learning coaches, someone said they were more comfortable with coloring pages than with coding.... So I made a coding coloring page!
Learn all about micro:bit booklet
A set of projects for students shared along with a few notes and video/photo links. Shared by Stu Lowe.
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