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micro:bit broadcast Issue #30

Happy holidays everyone,

This newsletter seems to be getting larger every time! It's lovely to see so much content being created by the awesome micro:bit community :)
In this issue we bring you a good collection of links in all the categories, some of them themed for the holidays, and also a nice range of cool new products and books!

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Announcing the winners of our 1st birthday challenge
The Micro:bit Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of its latest Challenge!
New Book: The Official BBC micro:bit User Guide
With comprehensive coverage and easy-to-follow instructions, the Official BBC micro:bit User Guide contains everything you need to know to start building right away.
New eBook: Networking with the micro:bit
We have written a series of activities using the micro:bit’s built-in short-range radio to communicate from one micro:bit to another.
New eBook: micro:bit in Wonderland
Come down the rabbit hole and modernise the White Rabbit’s pocket watch, program the Lobster Quadrille dance, create an anger monitor for the Queen of Hearts and lots more.
micro:bit in Wonderland guides makers through a series of micro:bit projects inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic story.
New Product: micro:bit wear:it Kit
This versatile micro:bit enclosure is specially designed to suit mobile applications and can be used with a wrist strap, keyring or lanyard.
New Product: temp:bit
Breaking out the trusty TMP36 Temperature to 3 hoops for easy crocodile clip connection for your micro:bit and available as a kit (requiring 3 pins to be soldered), you should be taking readings in no time.
New Product: bob:bit
This simple little board allows you to connect up any standard 0.1" pitch breakout boards with 5 or less pins and breaks those pins out to croc clip hoops, making this little board especially useful for BBC micro:bit projects.
New Product: Keyestudio T-type Shield Adapter
Board designed to facilitate micro:bit wiring, can connect the micro:bit development board directly onto the breadboard.
New Product: Keyestudio Power Supply Shield
Board designed to facilitate micro:bit wiring, comes with two interfaces, which can access the two-cell batteries. It also comes with a DIP switch for controlling the power input.
New Product: Keyestudio Joystick Breakout Board
Keyestudio micro:bit joystick breakout board comes with AMS1117 chip. You can also connect external DC 7-12V to power for micro:bit development board. This board consists of 6 buttons and a joystick.
New Product: Keyestudio Prototyping Breakout Board
Breaks out all the pins and power of the micro:bit to both side female headers, to allow easy component soldering on the board, or to use a small breadboard. You can also power the micro:bit via external DC power (4.75 - 12V).
New Product: Elecfreaks Motor:bit
Motor drive board based on micro:bit. It has integrated a motor drive chip TB6612, which can drive two DC motors with 1.2A max single channel current. Also integrates Octopus series’ sensor connectors.


Learn micro:bit
Code samples and materials for learning to program with the BBC micro:bit.
micro:bit Lessons Aligned to's CS Fundamentals
This curriculum includes lesson plans aligned to's Computer Science Fundamentals curriculum for primary and elementary school students.
Kari Lawler's Countdown to Christmas Makes Challenges
Christmas is finally upon us and what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with 24 Christmas themed makes! Therefore, every day, on the run up to Christmas, I am going to post a new Christmassy make.
micro:bit Basics for Teachers Part 1 & Part 2
Are you a teacher who wants to use micro:bit in your classroom, but doesn't know where to start? We'll show you how!
micro:bit learning
Blog with a large collection of articles showing how to use a wide selection of sensors with code written for the Arduino core for micro:bit.


BBC micro:bit ZIP Halo Compass
Find the North Pole with our Christmas themed micro:bit ZIP Halo Compass for day 3 of our 12 Makes of Christmas. Although the case requires 3D printing and laser cutting, the compass code will work equally well in or out of a case.
micro:bit ZIP Halo Christmas Baubles
For day seven of our 12 Makes of Christmas we've turned a ZIP Halo for BBC micro:bit into a fetching Christmas Bauble that would make a great addition to your Christmas tree!
:MOVE mini Santa Sleigh
Ensure that Santa delivers the presents on time with the :MOVE mini Santa Sleigh, for day nine of our 12 Makes of Christmas. We're going to decorate a :MOVE mini for the BBC micro:bit and also the Tipper Truck add-on, laser cut Rudolph's head and 3D print some presents!
MI:power micro:bit Christmas Baubles
For day ten of our 12 Makes of Christmas we made MI:power micro:bit Christmas Baubles. Follow our step by step guide and build your own out of laser cut parts.
ZIP Halo Christmas Tree
Follow our step by step guide and make your own. This is quite an involved build as there is a reasonable amount of soldering and wiring.
Servo & micro:bit Controlled Christmas Bells
Follow our step by step guide and build your own out of laser cut parts.
micro:bit Surprise box
A fun way to teach micro:bit, light sensor and servo motor.
Make a Cool micro:bit Hovercraft Together
Today we are going to create a hovercraft, which runs both in the water and on the ground, or even in the air. We use 2 motors to blow air underneath to support the hovercraft body and 2 motors in the end to control its moving directions.
micro:bit in science teaching - Burglar alarm project
This project is similar to micro:bit to catch a thief but includes more detail on circuit electricity. The children make their own pressure sensor.
Create An Electric Spirit Level
Use this spirit level to quickly and easily display the tilt of any object attached!
How to Make a Colourful Crystal Lamp with micro:bit
Christmas Day is coming soon. Let’s move our hands to try some DIY gifts. Here we have made a colourful crystal lamp with micro:bit board.
Candy Grabber with robot arm and micro:bit
Candy Grabber with robot arm controlled by micro:bit and micro:bit arm controller.

Software, Libraries and Tools

Update: nRF Connect for Mobile
The latest update has the micro:bit services names embedded in the application (so it's easier to identify) and has new macros and an LED display editor.
(News and image courtesy of @bluetooth_mdw, thanks!)
micro:bit swift
Swift implementation for Bluetooth communication with the micro:bit.
micro turtle
A LOGO-like turtle library for the micro:bit in MakeCode.

Upcoming Events

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December 22nd, Digital Maker: Creating Games with Push Buttons... - Singapore
December 27th, Microbit Championship - online
January 8th, Meet, learn and share ideas about MicroPython - London, UK
January 10th, Get Creative with Micro:Bit - Armagh, UK
January 20th, micro:bit CPC for Teachers - Tallaght, Ireland
January 26th, Making a Little Drawing Robot from Scrap... - Newport, UK
Jan-Feb, Community Learning - Family Fun - Coding... - Nottingham, UK
February 2nd, Iron Man (Primary Microbit Project) - Plymouth, UK
February 17th, BBC Micro:Bit workshop - IM HAPPY Technology... - Coleraine, UK
February 21st, Community Learning - Family Fun - Coding... - Beeston, UK

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