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micro:bit broadcast Issue #27

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another broadcast issue. Have you ever tried running Arduino code in your micro:bit? You can give it a go with Adafruit's latest tutorial! And with Halloween approaching, there is also a couple of spooky projects you can try at home.

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Volunteers help children in remote Sri Lankan schools to learn coding
Young tech experts are helping children in rural areas to get valuable skills that will be crucial for their future.
Why Icelandic educators are embracing the BBC micro:bit
Now with the help of the BBC micro:bit, the Icelandic government is hoping to take the next step to enshrine core digital and computing skills into their education system.
Now Eyeing Global Adoption, micro:bit Wants to Turn All Kids into Inventors
Cultivating young innovators in the technology industry is of top importance for Zach Shelby, CEO of micro:bit Educational Foundation.
New Product: micro:bit IO expansion board (GTranslated)
A new micro:bit IO expansion board, small, low cost and easy to connect.


5 Hardware Add-ons Kits to Extend Your BBC micro:bit
Hardware accessories extend the capabilities of the humble BBC micro:bit, by building on a familiar portable coding platform for mobile devices and Windows/Mac/Linux computers.
Get to Know the BBC Micro:bit
It’s time to take a look at the micro:bit, which is quite the impressive little device, and see what’s packed onto its small surface.
A post adapted from Wolf Donat’s new Make book about the BBC micro:bit.
micro:bit with Arduino
Did you know that the Arduino IDE can be used to program the micro:bit? Now you have yet another way to use this cool board!
Learn the Basics of JavaScript with MakeCode
We are surrounded by technology; being able to program it bends it to your will. There are countless ways to get started being a programmer but few are as exciting as working with microcontrollers. These tiny computing devices allow you to both interact with a virtual world and reach out into the physical world.
Helping kids to become a BBC micro:bit
The goal of our “unplugged” activity was to show the children what goes on under the hood of a micro:bit. We wanted them to experience what computing means first-hand, so we asked them to simulate a giant micro:bit!


micro:bit Scrolling Display
This project links a number of micro:bits together using the radio function to produce a scrolling display, controlled by a Raspberry Pi.
Lego® Power Functions IR Sender For Micro:bit
Control your Lego® Power Functions motors using your micro:bit, an infrared LED and MakeCode.
BBC micro:bit Powered Halo-ween Fancy Dress
Halloween offers the perfect opportunity for some fancy dress fun. In this tutorial, we will show you how this can easily be done using the Kitronik ZIP Halo for the BBC micro:bit.
Illuminated Candy Bucket Featuring BBC Microbit
Many of you who have been following me over the years knows that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. For this first project I wanted to do something simple that a family could sit down and put together over the course of a weekend.
Automating Brio Trains with a micro:Bit
When my son was one, my wife found a train table and a bunch of trains on Craigslist for $50. I bought a AAA-powered locomotive to augment the set, and immediately began dreaming of ways to automate his train set
Make a Music Machine with ElecFreaks Micro:bit Tinker Kit
Learn to make a music machine with the JavaScript Block Editor and ElecFreaks micro:bit Tinker Kit.

Software, libraries and Tools

Update: bitty data logger now available for ChromeBooks
Bitty Data Logger allows you to capture data from the sensors within a BBC micro:bit. This includes accelerometer (motion), magnetometer (digital compass) and temperature data.
micro:bit-WebSocket (Video Demo)
Playing with WebSocket and WebBluetooth to send the message between two micro:bits


BBC micro:bit snap-together case
A Snap-together case for the BBC micro:bit, with or without the logo.
Making with micro:bit
Live stream recording from the World Maker Faire New York 2017. In this session Simon Monk demonstrates the micro:bit, looks at programming options and how external electronics can be connected to it.

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