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micro:bit broadcast Issue #24

Hi everyone,

In this issue we bring you a ton of interesting stuff: the micro:bit release in Japan, a micro:bit talk at Defcon, a new JavaScript library to easily control your micro:bit via Web Bluetooth, and more!

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micro:bit launches in Japan
The Micro:bit Foundation aims to deliver BBC micro:bits to 300,000 Japanese children by 2020. It will be available to schools, clubs and families across Japan from Saturday 5 August 2017.
New Product: Battery expansion board (GTranslated)
Dedicated rechargeable battery expansion board, with integrated buzzer.
BBC’s micro:bit turns out to be an excellent drone hijacking tool
In a presentation at this year's DEF CON hacking conference, Damien Cauquil, senior security researcher at Econocom Digital Security, showed how the pocket-sized microcomputer could be configured to sniff out keystrokes from a wireless keyboard, and even take control of a quadcopter drone with just some nifty programming.


micro:bit & Rock Paper Scissors
Rock Paper Scissors, you might know it well as you might have played it in your childhood again and again. No matter how fair it seems, this game has drawback, which come from your hand motion speed and tricks. Today we are going to use the Radio to play this game.
Getting Started with the SparkFun Inventor's Kit in MicroPython and MakeCode
The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for micro:bit Experiment Guide is your map for navigating the waters of beginning embedded electronics, robotics and citizen science using the micro:bit.
Controlling the Raspberry Pi GPIO with micro:bit
Tutorial showing how to use the micro:bit to control, via serial, hardware connected to a Raspberry Pi.


Microbit-controlled radio / MP3 player
Project showing the power of David Whale’s bitio Python library. This gives Python on a Raspberry Pi, Mac or Windows PC access to the physical sensors on the BBC micro:bit. You can control a program on your computer using the buttons, touch and accelerometer sensors on the micro:bit, and use the micro:bit’s display too.
microbit: Marco Polo
It uses two or more micro:bits, equipped with speakers or piezos, and the objective of the game is to use one of the microbits to find other hidden ones using a limited number of prompts, delivered by radio.
DEFCON 25 micro:badge
Independent Badge for DEFCON 25 developed on the BBC micro:bit platform running MicroPython. A collaboration of /r/defcon.

Software, libraries and Tools

New MakeCode blocks: mi:node Kit
The mi:node kit is a modular, safe and easy to use group of items that allow kids to minimize the effort required to get started with IoT learning with micro:bit.
A JavaScript library to interact with BBC micro:bit from your web browser, without additional software, using Web Bluetooth API.
Hello Bitty Controller. Goodbye Bitty Game Controller!
Bitty Game Controller is an application that lets you remote control anything connected to a micro:bit, like a Kitronik buggy, provided the micro:bit is running the right code.
However, Bitty Game Controller has been withdrawn from the Google Play store and will soon also be withdrawn from the Apple App store. Don't despair though!
BlockyTalkyBLE makes it easy to connect AppInventor mobile phone apps with the BBC micro:bit wirelessly over Bluetooth.
MicroPython uln2003 module
Micropython code to drive stepper motors via ULN2003 darlington transistors.


micro:bit in science teaching - How clean is my pond
Using a micro:bit to monitor the level of algal growth in a pond and to control a filter pump.
Python arcade game tutorial for the BBC micro:bit
Video tutorial showing how to code in Python an arcade style game for the BBC micro:bit.
Defcon - Weaponizing the BBC Micro:Bit:
Slides and Source code
Micropython based firmware and a set of tools allowing security researchers to:
  • niff, receive and send data over Nordic's Enhanced ShockBurst protocol (ESB)
  • sniff, receive and send data over Nordic' ShockBurst protocol (SB)
  • sniff, receive and send data over Bluetooth Smart Link Layer
  • sniff raw 2.4GHz GFSK demodulated data

Upcoming Events

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August 17th, Code and play with micro:bits at Walker Library - Newcastle, UK
August 21st, Interactive LED Art with BBC micro:bit - Congleton, UK
August 24th, Dudley Libraries Animal Agents - micro:bits... - Stourbridge, UK
August 26th, micro:bit Workshop For Youth - Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
August 31st, CodeJam: micro:bits with Code Club - Bangor, UK
September 6th, Tutorial micro:bit - Roma - Rome, Italy
September 12th, An introduction to the BBC micro:Bit - Manchester, UK
November 18th, Fun with the micro:bit - Oak Ridge, USA

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