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micro:bit broadcast Issue #23

Hi everyone,

It's been a little while since the last broadcast was released, but not to worry, we are back and reenergised to bring you the latest micro:bit news!

Can you believe it's been a year since the micro:bit was launched? To celebrate the BBC has released some really interesting impact figures and retrospective. In addition to that, there's cool new products, projects and a robot takeover!

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BBC micro:bit celebrates huge impact in first year
To celebrate its first year, the BBC has released figures showing the positive impact the BBC micro:bit has had amongst UK students and teachers, with 90% of students saying it helped show anyone can code.
New Product: Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit
The Grove Inventor Kit brings endless possibilities to your micro:bit. The core board is the Grove shield for micro:bit, with which you can use with plenty of Grove modules including sensors, displays, actuators to interact with micro:bit.
New Product: SparkFun weather:bit
A fully loaded “carrier” board for the micro:bit that, when combined with the micro:bit, provides you with a fully functional weather station. With the weather:bit you will have access to barometric pressure, relative humidity and temperature readings.
New Product: SparkFun gamer:bit
A fun-filled “carrier” board for the micro:bit that, when combined with the micro:bit, provides you with a fully functional game system. Designed in a similar form factor to the classic Nintendo NES controller, the gamer:bit is equipped with a four-direction “D-pad” on the left side of the board and two action buttons on the right side of the board.
New Product: SparkFun moto:bit
A fully loaded “carrier” board for the micro:bit that, when combined with the micro:bit, provides you with a fully functional robotics platform. The moto:bit offers a simple, beginner-friendly robotics controller capable of operating a basic robotics chassis.


Making a story with micro:bits and Interactive story book – complete
A Computer Club have been working on creating an interactive fairy story. We had the idea to write a story and somehow embed a couple of micro:bits.
Video tutorial Bluetooth MIDI - chibi:bit (BBC micro:bit compatible) and GarageBand iOS
How to connect chibi:bit to iOS, chibi:bit (a BBC micro:bit compatible board) plays GarageBand for iOS via MIDI over BLE (Bluetooth MIDI).


Microbit Synthesiser V2
I’m now developing my synthesiser further and getting my little boy involved too which is always a good thing. It’s still in its infancy, getting it into a working state is probably the hardest thing to do but now it’s there we can have fun playing around with the code and enjoying the results.
Remotely-triggered speaker-grid for Manchester Science Festival, using tablets and micro:bits.
The How of Robotics: Making micro:bit Movie Stars
Making robots isn't just for engineers and programmers - you can also make works of art. You don't need a gigantic Hollywood budget either, just some old toys, some good friends and some workshop tools. Oh, and your micro:bit, of course.
Baseball Pitch Counter
An automated baseball pitch counter with the help of a micro:bit.
A Shaky Start Talk Timer
This is a BBC micro:bit count down talk timer to tell you how much time you have left to complete your talk.
micro:bit Journaling Bag
This is the modification of a men's shoulder bag to add an animated LED logo using a BBC micro:bit computer. I am a journalist (I keep journals) and a geek and wanted a new bag to keep my journal and supplies in when I travel.

Software, libraries and Tools

bitio - A Micro:bit IO device
A micro:bit I/O library for Python. It allows you to run code in Python on a PC/Mac/Linux/Raspberry Pi and interact directly with the micro:bit. It works with both Python 2 and 3 on Mac, PC, Raspberry Pi and Linux.


What if... Robots Replaced Teachers?
We at Team micro:bit have been overjoyed to bring you more than a year of micro:bit experiments, activities and entertainment, so we decided what better way to show our appreciation than to get in touch with our robotics buddies and cause a little havoc?
Making with Micro:bit iBook
This is an introduction to coding and computer science by way of making and design, using the revolutionary new micro:bit microcontroller and Microsoft's easy and powerful MakeCode block-based coding environment.
micro:bit and MicroPython
Jon Witts and Chris Sharples session and lesson resources from Exabytes 2017.

Upcoming Events

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July 27th, micro:bit Hackathon - Harrogate, UK
July 28th, Coding the Future with the BBC micro:bit - London, UK
August 5th, micro:bit workshop - Oxford, UK
August 12th, Introduction to Microbit Workshop - Manchester, UK
August 24th, Dudley Libraries Animal Agents - micro:bits... - Stourbridge, UK

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