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micro:bit broadcast Issue #22

Hi everyone,

This week the Micro:bit Foundation has officially launched the BBC micro:bit in North America, a great milestone to celebrate with our regular dose of micro:bit news, articles, projects and more! I'm very much looking forward to see what our growing community across the pond will be able to do with our beloved device.

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micro:bit Launches in U.S. & Canada
The Micro:bit Foundation aims to put the device into the hands of 2 million children in the U.S. & Canada by 2020.
New Product: 1up:bit controller kit
This low cost game pad / controller kit for the BBC micro:bit will give you access to an analogue thumb stick, much like the ones in a PSP, and two extra buttons taking the count up to 4 including the A and B button on the micro:bit.
New Product: BBC micro:bit RobotArm
This fully assembled Robot Arm comes with a BBC micro:bit to control it, and can use an optional BBC micro:bit as a remote control.
New Product: AMP:BIT class D amplifier with headphone jack
The Amp:bit is the easiest way to connect a speaker or headphones to your BBC micro:bit. It plugs on to the edge of your micro:bit and gives you the option of plugging headphones or speakers into the provided headphone jack, or you can solder speaker wires directly to the provided pads.


Microsoft 14 Week Curriculum
This course is targeted to middle school grades 6-8 (ages 11-14 years). It is also written for teachers who may not have a Computer Science background, or may be teaching an "Intro to Computer Science" course for the first time.
ISTE2017 teacher notes and lesson plans
To celebrate the launch of the BBC micro:bit in the U.S. and Canada and the micro:bit showing at the ISTE 2017 Conference in San Antonio, Texas, the Micro:bit Foundation has released four special STEM micro:bit lessons.


Soil Moisture and Plant Watering
Two MakeCode projects to track the soil moisture of your plants and water them automatically.
Mobile Doorbell System with BOSON and micro:bit
Using the micro:bit and BOSON to make a mobile doorbell, you can carry it in the house or put it in the area you often stay.
Hot Or Cold
Find the hidden micro:bit before the other players!
Reaction Time
Make a reaction time experiment that responds to your body’s conductivity!
Binary Glove
This project aims to help learners understand binary representation using micro:bit. It might be useful to include as a project/idea for students/teachers to make the micro:bit more helpful when studying the basis of computer science.
Rock Paper Scissors Teams
Massively multi-player rock paper scissors!

Software, libraries and Tools

JetBrains PyCharm IDE micro:bit support
Support for MicroPython devices in IntelliJ IDEA and PyCharm.
Includes: Code completion, docs for MicroPython modules, flash a Python file to a device, and run REPL on a device.
AppIventor micro:bit support
As part of the "Internet of Things" update, MIT App Inventor (a visual programming environment for Android applications) now provides a way to access the micro:bit BLE services.

Upcoming Events

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July 3rd, Micro:bit Programming with Open Cast Software - Newcastle, UK
July 28th, Coding the Future with the BBC micro:bit - London, UK
August 12th, Introduction to Microbit Workshop - Manchester, UK

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