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micro:bit broadcast Issue #20

Hi everyone,

After a short break, we are coming back with a great backlog of news, articles, projects, apps and more, making this the largest issue we had so far! So, without further ado:



New Product: SparkFun micro:bit Breakout
A board that expands the capabilities of the development platform by providing access to more pins and allowing for connections to the I2C and SPI buses.
New Product: micro:bit GVS Controller Kit
A make it yourself controller that can be used to control hardware such as robot buggies and interact with phones using its Bluetooth and radio capabilities.
New Product: flip:bit reverser
Would you like to be able to have your micro:bit facing the other way in whatever accessory you are using but the accessory doesn't support reversing the micro:bit? then the flip:bit is for you!
Scientific Challenges with micro:bit
Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity (IRIM) and Ruđer Bošković Institute announce the first competition for creative projects with micro:bit
micro:bit at the Vilnius Maker Faire
The Kompiuteriukai initiative to provide every 5th grader in Lithuania with a micro:bit has generated a lot of interest in the country.
And so, micro:bit has been present in the Vilnius Maker Fair supporting a micro:bit hackathon; and in the Education Forum, a program focused on the practitioners providing support, services, and programs to bring making into schools.
More info on the Maker Faire event
Video of the Maker Faire Education Forum


Robot driving in Leeds...
Organising cool micro:bit activities for the Make:Believe event held at Leeds City Museum.
micro:bit Breakout Board Hookup Guide
Great guide for using the SparkFun micro:bit Breakout Board and connecting electronics to the micro:bit GPIO.
Getting Started with BBC Micro:Bit
This tutorial will show you the basics to get started with BBC micro bit.
Use micro Python on micro:bit to program your bit:bot robot to retrace a path.
BBC micro:bit + Arduino IDE
What if you could easily build an iOS/Android app to interact with your micro:bit? Blynk does just that! Here is how to use it with Arduino IDE.
Writing the second video game for the Micro:bit in Rust
I recently published a story about bitflyer, a simple game for the BBC micro:bit. I dusted off the bitflyer code, loaded it in, and it worked fine before it ran out of memory and the whole thing crashed. After several hours of stepping through the layers of code, I gave up and decided on a more radical approach: Rust.
Boson Kit Meet Micro:bit
Boson Kit is a set of modular electronic building blocks designed for young inventors, educators and tinkerers. With Boson, young inventors are able to fly in the sky of imagination, there is no doubt that Boson also has numerous of friends, BBC micro:bit is one of them.
Bloodhound Race for the Line and Bluetooth
The Race for the Line programme blends practical STEM with coding, through the BBC micro:bit, which has been adopted as both an on-board accelerometer in the body of the rocket car, and a data processor for the timing gates
Teaching robotics with the BBC micro:bit
For the past several years, I’ve been fortunate to help run the Embedded Programming stream at the NCSS Summer School, a high-school summer camp attended by over 130 students and teachers each year. Previously, we’ve taught Arduino but this year we decided to try something new: enter the BBC micro:bit.


Bikeyface Emoji Taillight
Y'know how you're on your bike, or in your car, and all you can really do is use your horn, bell, or finger to give feedback to other drivers? What if there was a better way? Express yourself with your bike lights!
Light Box
A really simple light box using NeoPixels and super easy coding on the BBC micro:bit.
Build A Klawsome microbit Controlled Tank
Kitronik Technical Director Dave Sanderson can often be found sharing in twitter the goings and testing of an upcoming product called the Klaw, which has prompted a good number of requests for a tutorial on how to make the tank and how to control it.
Domato Timer
A micro:bit timer for the Pomodoro Technique with the JavaScript Blocks editor.
Remote Controlled Microbit Robot
I use micro:bits in tech clubs and wanted a simple remote controlled robot that was easy enough for children to build and code. This project uses two micro:bits, one as the controller and one to drive the motors.
The micro:bit driver
Everyone knows that it can be very boring to race against yourself, but what if your micro:bit could race against you, or you can try how fast it is possible to drive your raceway?
inventorspace micro:bit projects
inventorpsace is a community by SparkFun with fun projects you can implement in your classroom, school or district. The new micro:bit section has received a few interesting submissions worth checking out!

Software, libraries and Tools

bitty blue
Bitty Blue provides a collection of fun things to do with a BBC micro:bit (or compatible device) and Bluetooth. Play with 3D "PolySquiggles", use your micro:bit as a compass, have fun with the micro:bit's buttons, design patterns and send them or text to the micro:bit LED display, connect and control electronic circuits. Lots of fun and educational too!
MicroPython code for Raspi.IO Inspring
This is an experimental micropython library for Alex Eames' (@RaspiTV) InsPiRing strips.
Update: Gobot 1.5 - On Pins And Boards
In Gobot v1.3, we added support for the BBC micro:bit. Now we've added a new driver for it called 'IOPinDriver'.
This means you can use your micro:bitwith any of the normal gpio or aio drivers.
Update: Railway crossing project added to JavaScript Blocks editor
You can open the project directly in the editor it by clicking in the "Projects" menu and going to the "Make" tab.


Man Global Systematic Investment Symposium Badge
If you have a name badge from the 3rd Annual Man Global Systematic Investment Symposium, you can run Python programs on it! It's really a tiny computer called a micro:bit.
Micro:bit A4 folder holder
Why risk forgetting or losing your micro:bit... Here is a solution to help keep your micro:bit safe. Keep it in your A4 school folder!
There has been some great initiatives to get micro:bit loan schemes in libraries around the UK. Find out more about:
Southend on Sea
Blackpool and the Fylde coast
mibot - drawing robot
A 3D printed chassis for a painting robot powered by a BBC micro:bit and its motor drive board.
MicroMonsters Episode 16 - micro:bit Fidget Spinner Speed Test
Check out the best new combo since peanut butter & jelly, micro:bit & fidget spinners!
In this episode, we learn how to make and code a speed detector using a light dependent resistor and a BBC micro:bit.

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June 6th, PLPUG - CoderDojo Koszalin - micro:bit - Koszalin, Poland
June 10th, Digital Making with Micro:bits - Singapore
June 12th, Meet, learn and share ideas about MicroPython - London, UK
June 14th, Wearable, maker education tech, talks & showcase - London, UK
June 19th, Micro:Bit Handout Session - NPT - Newport, United States
June 22nd, Micro:bit taster for Adults - Oxford, UK
June 26th, Micro:Bit Handout Session - TCH - Titchfield, UK
July 3rd, Micro:bit Programming with Open Cast Software - Newcastle, UK
July 28th, Coding the Future with the BBC micro:bit - London, UK

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