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micro:bit broadcast Issue #19

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New product: bat:bit Slim Battery Case
A case made up of acrylic layers and PCB which wrap around the micro:bit leaving the edge connector exposed and giving you access to 2 slim line CR2032 batteries without the need for cables.
The micro:bit Educational Foundation is hiring
The micro:bit Educational Foundation is looking for a Technical Support Engineer.


Doctor Who and the micro:bit - Mission Decode
Use your micro:bit and code-cracking skills to help the Doctor decipher Dalek secrets.
Doctor Who and the micro:bit - Mission Hack
We've cracked the code for the Dalek ship! Now let's hack in and defuse the Reality Bomb.
Remote Sensor Alarm
Someone has been stealing my sandwiches. We'll use the two-way radio communication on the micro:bit to catch the thief.
How to connect the Adafruit NeoPixel FeatherWing to the micro:bit using zbit:builder
The Adafruit NeoPixel FeatherWing board has an array of 4x8 NeoPixels which can be controlled by a single micro:bit GPIO. This articles shows how to connect it to the micro:bit using zbit:builder and MicroPython.
#Pounderland Solar Powered micro:bit
Powering a micro:bit with a solar powered bulb.


Conway's Game of Life
Do you know your micro:bit can grow life? Look at a small universe that evolves.
micro:bit Remote Control CBiS Car
Control the CBiS micro:bit car via gestures whilst holding another micro:bit.
BBC micro:bit meets Scratch
A simple Scratch game (Apple Grab) designed to work with the BBC micro:bit as a remote controller

Software, libraries and Tools

MPL115A1 barometer for the BBC micro:bit
MicroPython program for the BBC micro:bit that displays pressure and temperature readings from the NXP MPL115A1 SPI-connected sensor.


Live Coding the micro:bit with SparkFun Education
Join SparkFun educators Jeff, Brian and Derek as they introduce you to the micro:bit - a new and exciting computing platform for your classroom.
BBC Microbit Case
3D printing micro:bit case model.
BBC micro:bit base with cable rails
3D printing micro:bit base holder with cable rails.

Upcoming Events

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May 13th, Digital Expo 2017 - Microbit session, Learn how to... - Coventry, UK
May 17th, An Introduction to Micro:bits in the Primary... - Leicester, UK
May 20th, Southend Raspberry Jam will have micro:bit activities - Essex, UK
May 30th, Codingbug Workshop: Get Creative With micro:bit 8+ - Clevedon, UK
May 31st, Lego meets micro:bit - Halton Borough, UK
June 1st, Interactive LED Art with BBC Micro:bit - Crewe, UK
June 1-2nd, IoT Tech Expo Europe - zbit:connect for the BBC... - Berlin, Germany
June 22nd, Micro:bit taster for Adults - Oxford, UK

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