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micro:bit broadcast Issue #18

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Make anything in your house sonic! Challenge
Calling all Time Lords out there. Are you ready to combat evil and save civilisations like Doctor Who? Your challenge is to take anything in your house and give it sonic capabilities using your BBC micro:bit!


Doctor Who and the micro:bit - Mission Sonic
Help The Doctor fight against the Dalek Reality Bomb with your own Sonic Screwdriver.
Making a temperature gauge
For Part 3 of the "Getting started with micro:bit" series, we read temperature from a built-in sensor and rotate a servo.
How to connect an Adafruit I2C Proximity Sensor to the BBC micro:bit using zbit:toolbelt
The Adafruit I2C Proximity Sensor is ideal for the micro:bit at it can run off 3V. This articles shows how to connect it to the micro:bit using zbit:toolbelt and program it in MicroPython.
Excel and Micro:Bit - Hacking for fun and creativity!
An experiment to have some basic sensor data collected using the micro controller and then visualized in Excel.
Reviving our Lego Mindstorms with Microbits
Using micro:bit with Lego Mindstorms technic in primary computing.
Tinkercademy micro:bit Tutorials
Tutorials to get started with the micro:bit and the Tinkercademy Breakout Board.

Software, libraries and Tools

Control Scratch by micro:bit over USB cable.
Bluetooth MIDI PXT/MakeCode package
This package allows the micro:bit to act as a MIDI peripherical, like a piano. It requires to connect to a BLE MIDI device to receive the commands and play them.
Update: Bitty Data Logger v2.3
This release aims to streamline the process of using the app for Bloodhound Race for the Line competition participants. Key data may now be uploaded direct to the Bloodhound leader board after collection.
Thonny micro:bit
Thonny is a Python IDE for beginners and this plug-in adds BBC micro:bit support.
micro:bit I2C EEPROM 24LCxxx Read Write
A very simple example function for writing and reading data to an I2C EEPROM chip.


MakeCode for micro:bit and M0 Express
Video showing the Microsoft MakeCode visual programming editor and its use with the BBC micro:bit and Adafruit M0 Express boards.

Upcoming Events

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May 6th, Micro:bit Vol.3 - Koprivnica, Croatia
May 7th, Glasgow Micro:Bit Morse Fun & Showcase Event - Glasgow, UK
May 8th, Meet, learn and share ideas about MicroPython - London, UK
May 10th, Simple Programmable Robotics Using The BBC... - Nottingham, UK
May 10th, Szkolenie z obsługi Microbit z użyciem języka Python - Warsaw, Poland
May 13th, Digital Expo 2017 - Microbit session, Learn how to... - Coventry, UK
May 17th, An Introduction to Micro:bits in the Primary... - Leicester, UK
May 20th, Southend Raspberry Jam will have micro:bit activities - Essex, UK
May 30th, Codingbug Workshop: Get Creative With micro:bit 8+ - Clevedon, UK
June 1st, Interactive LED Art with BBC Micro:bit - Crewe, UK
June 1-2nd, IoT Tech Expo Europe - zbit:connect for the BBC... - Berlin, Germany

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