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micro:bit broadcast Issue #17

Hi everyone,

This week Adafruit has started shipping micro:bits in the USA, which is great news to hear, and I certainly look forward to welcome our growing community!

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Micro:bit launch: What you need to know about the coding gadget Singapore plans to introduce
School-going children in Singapore will soon be using a pocket-sized, codeable computer, called the micro:bit, to pick up coding skills. The move is aimed at instilling passion for technology among young Singaporeans.

Join The Doctor on his next micro:bit mission on Monday, 24th April!
We may have helped the Doctor protect the Earth from a supernova explosion in our Doctor Who and the micro:bit Live Lesson, but he now needs our help once again!

micro:bit now in stock at Adafruit
Adafruit is a well-known open source hardware company based in the USA, with an online store catering to the maker/hacker/enthusiast community, and now the micro:bit is finally in stock there as well.


How to connect an Adafruit I2C Proximity Sensor to the BBC micro:bit using zbit:toolbelt
The Adafruit I2C Proximity Sensor is ideal for the micro:bit at it can run off 3V. This articles shows how to connect it to the micro:bit using zbit:toolbelt and program it in MicroPython

Offline development in micro:bit: Adding a new module in MicroPython
Experimenting with adding a C library as a new module into MicroPython for micro:bit.

BBC micro:bit Scroll pHAT
Getting a micro:bit to control a Scroll pHat, a Raspberry Pi breakout board with a 11x5 matrix of LEDs, driven by an IS31FL3730 via I2C.

BBC micro:bit Four Letter pHAT
Getting a micro:bit to control a Four Letter pHAT, a Raspberry Pi breakout board with 4 digit 14-segment LED matrix display driven by a HT16K33 via I2C.

Make a Magic 8 Ball with the micro:bit
In this second part of "Getting Started with micro:bit" we learn to recreate a Magic 8 Ball using the JavaScript blocks editor.

Storing Data
Exploring data storage using an external data-logger and the internal storage provided by the JavaScript Blocks editor.

Wind Speed Meter on zbit:toolbelt
Shows you how to make a micro:bit wind speed meter using Kitronik low inertia solar motor, zbit:toolbelt, and zbit:pwr:bars.


Micro:bit lunch box buggy
Building a simple lunch box buggy controlled by a micro:bit.

Software, libraries and Tools

micro:bit SSD1306SPI
MicroPython library to control the OLED SSD1306 128x64 display with a micro:bit via SPI.

microbit Nokia 5110 PCD8544 LCD
A Fast Micro:bit MicroPython controller for Nokia 5110 LCDs.


microbit rttl
Excel file to convert rtttl melodies into micro:bit MicroPython tunes.

CPC UCreate Micro:bit resources all in one place
A collection of micro:bit resources made for CPC.

Tour of MicroPython on BBC micro:bit with Tony D
Tony DiCola from Adafruit shows how to use MicroPython on the BBC micro:bit in this introductory video.

Upcoming Events

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April 25th, Python Sheffield: micro:bit and hardware project... - Sheffield, UK
April 29th, Leeds Raspberry Jam @ Leeds International Festival - Leeds, UK
April 30th, Egham Raspberry Jam - zbit:connect for the BBC... - Egham, UK
May 7th, Glasgow Micro:Bit Morse Fun & Showcase Event - Glasgow, UK
May 8th, Meet, learn and share ideas about MicroPython - London, UK
May 10th, Simple Programmable Robotics Using The BBC... - Nottingham, UK
May 10th, Szkolenie z obsługi Microbit z użyciem języka Python - Warsaw, Poland
May 13th, Digital Expo 2017 - Microbit session, Learn how to... - Coventry, UK
May 17th, An Introduction to Micro:bits in the Primary... - Leicester, UK
May 20th, Southend Raspberry Jam will have micro:bit activities - Essex, UK
May 30th, Codingbug Workshop: Get Creative With micro:bit - Clevedon, UK
June 1-2nd, IoT Tech Expo Europe - zbit:connect for the BBC... - Berlin, Germany

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