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micro:bit broadcast Issue #16

Hi everyone,

This week comes full of news and interesting articles. I’ve personally quite enjoyed to learn how to create our own BLE services with the JavaScript Blocks Editor and a some C++.

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Happy Birthday, BBC micro:bit!
Can you believe it's been a year since the BBC micro:bit first started appearing in schools? Why not try a few of these more celebratory cake-related micro:bit makes?

Announcing the micro:bit Give Shop
A way you can help change the lives of disadvantaged children around the world by helping them learn to code and invent with the micro:bit. Each time you buy an item from the Give Shop the Foundation will send you one, and use your purchase to donate an equivalent item to a class or code club needing support.

Early release of Programming with MicroPython book available
Learn how to use MicroPython to make cool stuff with the BBC micro:bit, a simple, fun, and powerful gateway into both hardware and software development.

Finnish national micro:bit pilot
The University of Helsinki’s Innokas Network and the Micro:bit Foundation announced a cooperative project for a national pilot of the BBC micro:bit in fifty Finnish schools.

The BBC micro:bit and the Innokas Network inspire girls and boys to code
The University of Helsinki’s Innokas network launched a cooperation project with the Micro:bit Foundation on Monday, 3 April, including a BBC micro:bit pilot with 50 Finnish schools and a study on the impact of the pilot.

Donate a micro:bit.
Your $20 will change their future! Empowering kids with computer programming capabilities in a new way. Their goal is to distribute 1000 micro:bit devices among Sri Lankan kids by the end of this year.

Winners of the micro:bit Mothers and Carers Challenge!
The Micro:bit Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of its latest Challenge to help Mothers and Carers around the world have a better, easier day.


Driving an Adafruit 4x14-segment I2C display with the BBC micro:bit
Driving with MicroPython a HT16K33, an I2C LED controller, connected to 4 14-segment LED.

Custom BLE services with micro:bit
Build your own Bluetooth low energy services with PXT/MakeCode and bundle them as blocks that beginners can use.

Bit:2:Pi project
Walkthrough to control a micro gear metal motor, connected to the Pibrella, using a micro:bit.

Program the Proto-Pic EDGE using O.O. MicroPython - part 1
Writing MicroPython code that’s easy to re-use thanks to Object Oriented principles.

Micro:bit vs Lego Power Functions Servo
How to use potentiometers to control a Lego Power Functions Servo Motor attached to a micro:bit.

Getting Started with Micro:bit, Episode 1
The first of a few video tutorials for getting started with programming using the online Microsoft MakeCode block editor.

Eddystone beacons with the micro:bit
Experiment with the Physical Web by turning your micro:bit into an Eddystone beacon.

Fritzing and the Micro:bit
Explaining how to make diagrams for the BBC micro:bit in Fritzing


Make: a micro:bit Power Rangers light up sword
Making and programming a lights up sword.

micro:bit Mars Rover
A BBC micro:bit controlling a Lego EV3 Robot driving around a landscape meant to represent Mars.


MicroPython sings "Daisy Bell" on a micro:bit.
Replicating the first computer to sign with a micro:bit.

KiCad component for micro:bit edge connector
KiCad schematic and footprint library for micro:bit edge connector.

micro:bit Eagle Libraries
Eagle libraries for the micro:bit edge connectors.

Upcoming Events

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April 25th, Python Sheffield: micro:bit and hardware project... - Sheffield, UK
April 29th, Leeds Raspberry Jam @ Leeds International Festival - Leeds, UK
April 30th, Egham Raspberry Jam - zbit:connect for the BBC... - Egham, UK
May 7th, Glasgow Micro:Bit Morse Fun & Showcase Event - Glasgow, UK
May 8th, Meet, learn and share ideas about MicroPython - London, UK
May 10th, Simple Programmable Robotics Using The BBC... - Nottingham, UK
May 13th, Digital Expo 2017 - Microbit session, Learn how to... - Coventry, UK
May 17th, An Introduction to Micro:bits in the Primary... - Leicester, UK
May 30th, Codingbug Workshop: Get Creative With micro:bit - Clevedon, UK
June 1-2nd, IoT Tech Expo Europe - zbit:connect for the BBC... - Berlin, Germany

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