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micro:bit broadcast Issue #15

Hi everyone,

This week we bring a balanced combination of new articles, projects, software and more!

As a personal highlight check out the Haxe library for the micro:bit. I'm always amazed to learn about programming languages I didn't know before, and all thanks to the fantastic micro:bit community :)



Win a class pack of micro:bits!
If you are an educator in the US you can enter this competition to win a micro:bit and the possibility to win a classroom pack.

New product: BBC micro:bit RobotCar
This 4WD robotic car comes with a BBC micro:bit to control it, and an optional BBC micro:bit as a remote.


You can now play Space Invaders on a giant 1,000 micro:bit display
An article by Wire about Kitronik micro:bit wall, with over a 1000 micro:bits.

A few notes on I2C and the Picon Zero...
Whilst primarily an add on for the Raspberry Pi, the Picon Zero is a robotics controller using I2C for communications, and it is possible to use it with other small board controllers such as the micro:bit.

Ten top BBC Micro Bit projects
Learn everything from beginner projects to challenges for confident coders. We’ve scoured the web for the best BBC micro:bit projects we can find, and have listed them below in the hope they inspire you to try your own.

micro:bit Lesson: Metal Detector
Using the magnetometer sensor to measure the strength of a magnetic field rather than the direction.


Virtual Cat Micro:bit Project
How to make and program a Tamagotchi look-alike cat, that requires you to care for it by feeding, cleaning and playing with it.

micro:bit water xylophone
MicroMonsters has designed and built a water xylophone as part of Maplins #Musicalmicrobits competition.

bit:bot Remote Control
Martin Woolley has written a great little app for controlling a micro:bit controlled buggy and I wondered if it could be used for driving the bit:bit from 4tronix.

A cheap breakout header for the Micro:bit

Software, libraries and Tools

Haxe node BBC micro:bit
Control a BBC micro:bit from Node.js using BLE and the Haxe programming language.

Update: JavaScript Blocks Editor v0.9.77
This release brings custom blocks, improved iOS support, better embedding and a bunch of cool projects.


3D printed micro:bit box
A container for your micro:bit and battery box.

Upcoming Events

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April 25th, Python Sheffield: micro:bit and hardware project... - Sheffield, UK
April 30th, Egham Raspberry Jam - zbit:connect for the BBC... - Egham, UK
May 7th, Glasgow Micro:Bit Morse Fun & Showcase Event - Glasgow, UK
May 13th, Digital Expo 2017 - Microbit session, Learn how to... - Coventry, UK
May 30th, Codingbug Workshop: Get Creative With micro:bit 8+ - Clevedon, UK
June 1-2nd, IoT Tech Expo Europe - zbit:connect for the BBC... - Berlin, Germany

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