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micro:bit broadcast Issue #14

Hi everyone,

This week issue comes with a ton of interesting projects to check out. Also, I hope you didn't miss the Doctor Who micro:bit Live Lesson this week! Don't forget you can always rewatch it online.

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The micro:bit is now on pre-sale in the US from SparkFun
The micro:bit, an easy-to-use, beginner-friendly, reprogrammable microcontroller, is now available for pre-sale in on SparkFun Electronics.

newbit - A micro:bit compatible development board
A new compatible development board from China, based on the microb:bit reference design, is now on sale.


Getting Started With the micro:bit
A great first-steps introduction to the micro:bit by SparkFun.


Milk Jar Robot
Make a funny Milk Jar robot.

Drone Payload Dropper Concept Using the ARM Based micro:bit
Concept prototype of a 3D printed payload dropper from a DJI Phantom 4 drone using the micro:bit.

Arckit meets micro:bit : More ArckitTechture
In this project we combined the BBC micro:bit beginner development board with an Arckit construction set, a freeform architectural modelling kit, and got some cool results.

Micro:bit brains with Power Functions Brawn
Controlling Power Functions, a LEGO TECHNIC set of electronic components, with the micro:bit.

Controlling micro:bit Crane from a Raspberry Pi
Based on a previous micro:bit crane projects, it has now been altered so that the controller micro:bit can receive instructions from a Raspberry Pi (using a serial connection) and transmit them (using the micro:bit radio) to the micro:bit crane driver.

micro:bit Infrared Timing Gate
Building a timing gate to calculate how fast Bloodhound SSC project race cars are travelling.

Project Big Button
Exchanging data between a number of Bluetooth Low Energy devices/sensors from a Linux hub is something that could be useful for a number of use cases.

Software, libraries and Tools

microbit KY038 MicroPython library
MicroPython library to calibrate and use a sound sensor KY038, including clap counter functionality.

Gobot v1.3 now supports the micro:bit
Gobot is a framework in the Go programming language for programming devices in the real world, and it can now control the micro:bit via Bluetooth LE.


Glasgow Micro:Bit Morse Fun & Showcase Request for Event Volunteers
CQ is organising micro:bit activities in Glasgow and is looking for volunteers. If you’d like to help guide a young constructor for an hour, or know a young person who would like to join in the fun, please register your interest by April 14th.

Upcoming Events

Do you have an event you'd like to see here? You can tweet me or email us.

April 4th, The Micro:bit Story: The Highs and Lows of... - Lancaster, UK
April 4th, Introduction to the BBC Micro Bit for Primary Schools - Dronfield, UK
April 5th, Ready Steady Code: The micro:bit - Preston, UK
April 25th, Python Sheffield: micro:bit and hardware project... - Sheffield, UK
May 7th, Glasgow Micro:Bit Morse Fun & Showcase Event - Glasgow, UK
May 30th, Codingbug Workshop: Get Creative With micro:bit - Clevedon, UK

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