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micro:bit broadcast Issue #12

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Announcing collaboration with micro:bit Educational Foundation
Women of Wearables is happy to announce collaboration with the micro:bit Educational Foundation, which aims to enable children around the world to become inventors!


From the BBC Micro to micro:bit and Beyond: A British Innovation (PDF)
UCL’s computer science department collaborated with the BBC to help shape an innovative IoT toolkit to inspiring the next generation of children.

Trying out the Micro:bit
A first impressions overview of the micro:bit.

micro:bit Reaction Timer in APL on the Pi and BBC micro:bit
Writing a reaction time program in the APL language, running in a Raspberry Pi connected to a micro:bit.

Arduino -> micro:bit -> Circuit Playground #2
Using a micro:bit as bridge to an Arduino-based Circuit Playground.

micro:bit SLUG journey so far
The journey so far from the micro:bit Sri Lanka User Group.


Marvin - The paranoid android
A miniature model of Marvin from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie, controlled by a micro:bit.

Node.js project to use the BBC micro:bit as a slide clicker.


Blocks programming for the MicroPython editor
Please Note! This is an Alpha version for testing purposes, so feedback would be greatly welcomed (GitHub issues would be a good place).


microbit-micropython Atom package
Atom package to support MicroPython development on the micro:bit.

Make: Cross stitch micro:bit
Making a micro:bit cross stitch pattern.

Microbit Studio
An online reference to grow with the development of the micro:bit classes. (Google translation)

microbit SSD1306 7seg
micro:bit MicroPython library to use an SSD1306 OLED display as a 7 segment display.

Fun with Zephyr Project and BBC micro:bit
This presentation shows how Zephyr empowers the BBC micro:bit devices and its Bluetooth chip to do fun things.

Upcoming Events

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March 14th, SciBar: Introduction to the BBC micro:bit - Cambridge, UK
March 16th, How the BBC micro:bit delivers the Computing... - Birmingham, UK
March 18th, zbit:connect in the Pop Up Science Day at... - Southampton, UK
March 18th, Coderdojo #29 - Micro:bit - Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 20th, Kodeklubb i Verkstedet: Nybegynnerkurs... - Bergen, Norway
March 21th, BBC micro:bit for complete beginners - Cambridge, UK
March 28th, Doctor Who and the micro:bit - Live Lesson - Online
March 29th, MicroPython and micro:bit in 60 minutes - London, UK
April 4th, The Micro:bit Story: The Highs and Lows of... - Lancaster, UK
April 4th, Introduction to the BBC Micro Bit for Primary Schools - Dronfield, UK
April 7th, Minecraft & BBC Micro:bit Easter Workshops - Bletchley, UK
April 25th, Python Sheffield: micro:bit and hardware project... - Sheffield, UK

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