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micro:bit broadcast Issue #10

Hi everyone!

International news, new products, interesting projects and more await in the latest issue of micro:bit broadcast!

We are going to take a one week hiatus, but no worries! We'll be back on the 1st of March.



The micro:bit Educational Foundation is hiring!
Looking for a Tech Lead for their websites and services, where you can really shape the micro:bit experience. This can be a remote position, so don't hesitate to check it out!

micro:bit on Netherlands national TV
Video from NOS Journaal from the 30th of January 2017.

More translations
You can now help the Foundation with the translations for Swedish, Croatian, Lithuanian and Czech.

New product release: Simon:Says for micro:bit
A new board from Proto-Pic where you can create your own Simon Says game.

New product release: micro:pixel Edge for micro:bit
The little brother of the micro:pixel board. It has 10 super high density WS2812B (NeoPixel) LEDs packed onto one side of the board, a little larger than the micro:bit edge connector itself.

Croatian Makers delivers their first 7000 micro:bits
Croatian Makers action plan for BBC Micro:bit project has been announced, and the first 7000 micro:bits (out of 22000) have already been sent to participating schools and institutions. (Google translation)

Kitronik And The micro:bit Foundation Visit Serbia
Kitronik And The micro:bit Foundation visited the Serbian capital Belgrade last week to spread the word about the BBC microbit in education.


Pairing a BBC micro:bit with a Raspberry Pi using BlueZ
Steps and an example of how to pair your micro:bit to either a Raspberry Pi 3 (with BT included) or using a BT dongle.

A date with Microbit @ February meetup of PyLadies Pune
A micro:bit session at the Pyladies Pune meetup.


PXT Neoracer
A race track engine built on top of NeoPixel strips.

BBC Microbit Balloon Tracker
Excellent project connecting GPS and a LoRa transceiver to a micro:bit to track the balloon position and transmit the data wirelessly.


Demo of micro:bit and AppInventor with Bluetooth (HC06)
A demo of a micro:bit connected to a HC06 module and talking with an Android app made with AppInventor.

Eclipse hawkBit demo: updating a fleet of micro:bit devices over BLE
A short demo of Eclipse hawkBit being deployed to IBM Bluemix in order to provide a hosted service for remote software provisioning of IoT devices - here, BBC micro:bit.

Fun With micro:bit from Microbit:Polska
A nice summary of the first workshop in Gliwice (Poland) about micro:bit and Python. (Google translation)

micro:bit pin out added to PighiXXX
The PighiXXX website contains a large collection of pin outs, and the micro:bit has been recently added to the list.

Micro:bit Holder Slim
A 3D printed slim case for the micro:bit.

MicroPython on the micro:bit in 60 minutes
A micro:bit MicroPython workshop by Romilly Cocking. Run at the Pi Tower Raspberry Jam, the resources are available for download.

micro:bit CTO and CEO interview
Video interview from ARM TechCon 2016.

Upcoming Events

Do you have an event you'd like to see here? You can tweet me or email us.

February 16th, BBC Make it Digital: Challenges and... - Milton Keynes, UK
February 22nd, Micro:bit Fun - Hyde Library - Hyde, UK
February 25th-26th, (hackathon) - Oslo, Norway
February 27th, Introduction to Micro:bits for Primary Schools - Nottingham, UK
February 28th, zbit:connect at the Winchester Science Big... - Winchester, UK
March 10th, Disabled Access Day - micro:bit demonstration - Leeds, UK
March 28th, Doctor Who and the micro:bit - Live Lesson - Online
April 4th, The Micro:bit Story: The Highs and Lows of... - Lancaster, UK
April 4th, Introduction to the BBC Micro Bit for Primary Schools - Dronfield, UK

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micro:bit SkyGate image courtesy of Dave Akerman (original source)