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micro:bit broadcast Issue #9

Hi everyone, welcome to Issue #9!

This week in addition to our normal content we also have a range of micro:bit articles and interviews from Bett 2017!

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Deciding which microcomputer will be given to every kid in Lithuania
An article describing the goals and process to choose a microcomputer to give to Lithuania kids. (Google translation)

Croatian Makers at BETT 2017: We have seen the future!
Extensive overview of the micro:bit presense at Bett 2017. (Google translation)

Highlights From Our Week @ BETT 2017
Bett 2017 highlights from Kitronic, an exhibitor and a Foundation's partner and a micro:bit reseller.

Interview and demos with Jonny Austin - CTO of Microbit at Bett 2017
A video interview of Jonny Austin by Carl Heath of RISE Interactive.

Demos and fun with Microbit with Peli de Halleux at Bett 2017
A video interview of Peli de Halleux by Carl Heath of RISE Interactive.

Micro:Bett 2017
Discovering the Micro:bit Foundation at Bett 2017.


What’s next for the BBC micro:bit?
Looking at what is happening to this little programmable device and the difference is it has made to STEM education one year from its launch.
(PDF download of the STEM Learning magazine)


Puzzle game for BBC micro:bit (uses Proto-PIC micro:pixel)
A "Tetris"-inspired game for the BBC micro:bit which uses Proto-Pic's micro:pixel (an 8x4 NeoPixel array). Code included in link to gist.

A Mini Microbit Olympics
A range of mini programming projects introduced to the students. Designed to be adapted to create a solution which was unique to their group.

merely a recitation of poetry
Does the BBC micro:bit share my affinity for German poetry? Is it able to randomly change a line of verse. I believe so.


Barclays Digital Eagles Accessibility project
A dry run of a micro:bit project for the Disabled Access Day to Barclays accessible.

micro:bit and case 3D models
Models published in the Tinkercad website.

Microbit.swift service UUID structure
This structure summarizes the service UUID and micro bit characteristics so that it can be handled easily by BLE.

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February 27th, Introduction to Micro:bits for Primary Schools - Nottingham, UK
March 28th, Doctor Who and the micro:bit - Live Lesson - Online
April 4th, The Micro:bit Story: The Highs and Lows of creating... - Lancaster, UK

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micro:bit 3D model image courtesy of ezxdjh (original source)