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micro:bit broadcast Issue #8

Hi everyone, welcome to Issue #8!

This week we have an exciting new language available for the micro:bit, a couple of libraries for existing languages, math lessons, and much more!

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Moisture Sensor for micro:bit
This new moisture sensor from Proto-Pic allows your micro:bit to detect moisture.

bread:bit breakout board for micro:bit
The bread:bit from Proto-Pic makes it a breeze to connect your micro:bit to your breadboard.

Forth for the micro:bit
A Forth starter kit has been made available to program the micro:bit in this language. This is a port of Mecrisp, a Forth implementation for MSP430 and ARM.

Bloke launches twinkly range of BBC Micro:bit accessory boards
An article from The Register about the zbit:connect micro:bit add-on boards exhibited at the IoT Tech Expo.

Element14 signs exclusive global agreement with Micro:bit Foundation
An exclusive global manufacturing and distribution agreement for the BBC Micro:bit has been signed, following the success of the educational programme in 2016 where one million micro:bits were gifted to support learning in schools.

micro:bit OneWire Library
New C++ library for the 1-Wire protocol.

Microbit Python Driver for PCA9685
A simple micro:bit MicroPython class for using the PCA9685 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver.


micro:bit and a Pi with a touch of Python
A guide to run the Python online editor from the micro:bit website, served from a Linux computer (like the Raspberry Pi) in your network.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Meet the micro:bit
A nice overview of the micro:bit from The New Stack.

Micro:bit Protractor
How program the micro:bit to measure angles between 0° and 180°.


Object avoidance Microbit Robot using the Kitronik motor controller
Creating a robot based on the Kitronik motor driver v2.

Microbit Rover
Design and print the pieces require to transform your micro:bit into a rover.


Micro:Bit / LEGO Design Project
Year 7s designed a case out of LEGO to hold a BBC Micro:Bit.

Three easy micro:bit how-to videos
Videos from Elektor on how to program a simple counter, driving a servo, and using the on-board accelerometer.

Introduction to the BBC micro:bit and ARM mbed at Hack Cambridge
Introduction to the micro:bit to students at Hack Cambridge #Recurse 2017, an annual hackathon in Cambridge, UK hosting over 300 global students.

Upcoming Events

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January 31st, Introduction to Wearable Technology Using... - Cwmbran, Wales
January 31st, Python Sheffield: micro:bit and post christmas... - Sheffield, England
February 4th, Micro:bit Hack-a-thon by the IET Toronto... - Toronto, Canada
February 22nd, Micro:bit Fun - Hyde Library - Hyde, England
February 25th-26th, (hackathon) - Oslo, Norway
March 28th, Doctor Who and the micro:bit - Live Lesson - Online
April 4th, The Micro:bit Story: The Highs and Lows of... - Lancaster, England

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micro:bit protactor image courtesy of Micro:bit Maths (original source)