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micro:bit broadcast Issue #7

Hi everyone!

We've got another issue of micro:bit updates, news, and projects for the week.

If you are around London on the 25-28th, don't miss the chance to meet the micro:bit team @ Bett 2017.



Micro:bit at Bett 2017!
Bett is the world's leading education technology event celebrated in the UK. Join the Foundation at the Micro:bit Pods and find out how the Micro:bit Educational Foundation is empowering children, teachers and parents around the globe to learn, teach and invent using the micro:bit.

BBC micro:bit - STEM revolution in Croatian schools
Croatian Makers' campaign to get micro:bit into 360 Croatian schools for STEM education (Google translation)

Join the Time Lord and put your micro:bit to the test
The BBC micro:bit will be put to the test at the controls of the TARDIS in this special BBC Live Lesson in collaboration with the team behind Doctor Who.

You can help to translate
The Foundation welcomes our community to get involved with contributing to the translation project.


What is the BBC micro:bit – Gary explains
Great article introducing what is the micro:bit and how it can be used.


BBC Microbit bot using the L9110 motor controller
Connecting the BBC micro:bit to a standard motor driver board like the L9110, adding motors, and a simple chassis.

microbit Logic Gates Practical Overview
Programming a set of micro:bits as a hands-on way to teach logic gates and truth tables to students. These logic gates can then be connected to switches and outputs using crocodile clips.


New version of PXT deployed
A significant and exciting update: All blocks now need to be attached to a event (like "on start"), new JavaScript toolbox, search for blocks, collapsible and full screen simulator, BT Eddystone, design improvements and much more!


micro:bit CAD resources
New micro:bit 3D CAD resources from Proto-Pic. The models are still being designed, so keep an eye on this one!

Upcoming Events

Do you have an event you'd like to see here? You can tweet me or email us.

January 23th-24th, IoT Tech Expo - zbit-connect stand for the... - London, England
January 25th-28th, Bett Show - micro:bit stand - London, England
January 31st, Introduction to Wearable Technology Using... - Cwmbran, Wales
February 4th, Micro:bit Hack-a-thon by the IET Toronto... - Toronto, Canada
April 4th, The Micro:bit Story: The Highs and Lows of... - Lancaster, England

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