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Welcome to the third issue of micro:bit broadcast!

This week we are bringing some interesting international news, cool new projects, and new to this edition, a list of upcoming events.

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Crowdsourcing Campaign For The Calliope Mini
The Calliope is a German project with a mission to provide playful access to the digital world. Their Calliope Mini board is based on the micro:bit and is now available as a crowdfunding reward.
(Original website in German, click here for a Google translation)

New Line Following Robot BoBBoT
A new line following robot for the BBC micro:bit. It comes as an easy to assemble kit and free teaching resources.

chibi:bit Now On Sale
The chibi:bit is a micro:bit compatible board created by Switch Science for the Japanese market.
(Original website in Japanese, click here for a Google translation)


The Internet of things, Families and the BBC micro:bit
A guide for parents and families on learning about the Internet of Things at home with the micro:bit.


Pongo: wireless microbit Python pong
A wireless Pong game in Python with two micro:bits using the radio module.

Basic Bluetooth bit:bot
Controlling the bit:bot using Bluetooth from a Raspberry Pi using bluezero.

Connecting a thermal printer to a BBC microbit
Connecting the micro:bit to a thermal till-roll printer to create a Little Box of Poems, which will print a random poem if you press button A, and a really bad Christmas cracker joke if you press button B.

Alexa Weather On micro:bit
Creating an Amazon Alexa skill where the current weather can be asked and the result displayed on the micro:bit.


v2.1 of Bitty Data Logger Released
With improved usability when a large number micro:bits are present, like in a classroom environment. Allows device filtering, nicknames, favorites, and more.


Simulink Coder Support Package for BBC micro:bit Board
This Simulink Coder Support Package enables you to create Simulink models and automatically generate and deploy code on the micro:bit

Upcoming Events

Do you have an event you'd like to see here? You can tweet me or email us.

January 12th, micro:bit show & tell - Cambridge, England
January 17th, Bloodhound Rocket car and Microbit Training - London, England
January 31st, Introduction to Wearable Technology Using Microbits - Cwmbran, Wales

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