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This week was a bit short on articles, but there are some interesting news and releases.

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New Book: BBC micro:bit 35 Touch Develop & MicroPython Projects
An introduction to the micro:bit aimed for the people who want to learn to program it using Touch Develop or MicroPython. Exploring 35 tried and tested interesting projects.

Another chance to get your hands on micro:bits
Code Club are running another micro:bit giveaway to clubs that may have missed out the first time.

New Bit:Bot Robot for the BBC micro:bit
Requires no soldering, no wires and nothing more than a screwdriver to complete it. Includes neopixels, line following sensors, light sensors, and more.

New Insight Mr Bit app
Insight Mr Bit is an app for controlling the BBC micro:bit. With it you can create simple programs in plain English to do lots of useful things (link to the app store, youtube demo).

exhi:bit Pedestrian Crossing Experiment Board
This Pedestrian crossing add-on for the exhi:bit prototyping system has everything you require to get coding your very own traffic light and pedestrian crossing

New version of PXT deployed to the website
New version has been released with BLE Eddystone support, design updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, and more.


micro:bit of Things
This site where Graham Hastings has published his notes on projects he is working with his pupils in Key Stage 2 and 3, of interest to teachers who are looking for micro:bit project ideas.


micro:bit MicroPython Seeed Arch BLE
The MicroPython version for the micro:bit has been ported to the Seeed Studio Arch BLE, a nRF51822 Mbed enabled development board with the Arduino form factor and Grove connectors.

BBC micro:bit on IoT using The Things Network
Video tutorial on how to configure your micro:bit with the LoRaWAN board and TTN account to use your micro:bit as an IoT device.

MicroMonsters Episodes 7 and 8 Released
With WarGames, a two player game, and an unboxing video with Proto-PIC goodies.

Controlling objects over Bluetooth with Python on the Raspberry Pi
A CamJam talk by Barry Byford and Mark Roberts where they demonstrate the bluezero Python Bluetooth library on a Raspberry Pi by controlling a micro:bit.

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