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Announcing the micro:bit Christmas Challenge!
What amazing ideas and devices can you come up with to help Santa with his delivery of all those Christmas presents?

Elektra Awards 2016
The micro:bit wins the Educational Support Award at Elektra Awards 2016.

BBC micro:bit Partnership shortlisted for two Bett Awards
The BBC micro:bit Partnership has recently been shortlisted for two Bett Awards: The ICT Innovator of the Year and Free Digital Content/Open Educational Resources.

micro:bot pack from Technology Will Save Us
Say hello to the simplest and coolest robot for kids. Learn to build & code 3 different types of toy robots, then use your new creative skills to invent any bot you can imagine!

exhi:bit Prototyping system and perma proto board
Now on sale on Proto-Pic.


micro:bit : a round around the Sun
Article about Python's role in education and the micro:bit, including an interview with Nicholas Tollervey.

Simple Microbit wireless data class activities
Article and reflections about a lesson involving radio data communication with the micro:bit.

CWT Health and Tech Hack Day – Micro:Bit’s and Beyond
Recap of a "Tech in Health Day" using micro:bits.

micro:bit and the Picon Zero
Controlling the 4tronix Picon Zero with a micro:bit.


Mechatronic Ears on the Micro:bit
A version of the mechatronic ears made with a BBC Micro:bit.

Controlling music with movement
We wanted to see what would happen if we turned things on their head and, instead of letting dance be dictated by music, let the movement control the music.

BBC microbit pulse rate monitor
Measuring pulse through a sensor connected to the micro:bit.


Programming Using C/C++ (Offline IDE Setup) | BBC Microbit
Tutorial to install on Windows the toolchain required to program the micro:bit in C/C++.

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